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Industry features

The large petrochemical and chemical fertilizer enterprises tend to have such characteristics

- Have many devices

- The production process is complex with high temperature, low temperature, even deep cold, high pressure, flammable, explosive, toxic and harmful substances

- The materials between devices are closely connected.

These characteristics bring forward high requirements for the safe power supply. Petrochemical industry is a highly risk industry. In case of fire and explosion accident. it often causes huge casualties or property losses. From the safety perspective, it is different from metallurgy, machinery manufacturing, capital construction, textile, transportation and other industries. It is of great significance to analyze the power grid of petrochemical enterprises and identify the problems and hidden dangers, so as to optimize the construction of the power system in the process of transformation, expansion or new construction, use as small investment as possible to ensure the safe power supply.


In order to ensure the safe and reliable operation of power grid, our company has strictly checked each link.