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Power Grid

 Industry features

Electricity is the main driving force for the economy. As the economy grows, the power consumption is increasing rapidly in the society. The shortage of electricity supply or sudden failure will cause huge loss to the national economy and bring inconvenience to people's life.

Due to a large number of inductance and capacitance elements existing in the power system, there will be a transition process when the operating state changes or fails. Electricity is transmitted at the speed of light, and the transition process will quickly spread to other parts of the system at the same speed. Therefore, the normal operation, switching operation and the removal of faults must be conducted quickly and accurately by automatic devices.

The voltage or current supplied by the power system is generally a standard sine wave, but it will be distorted in the process of power transmission. There are many reasons for harmonic generation, such as saturation of equipment with iron core, asymmetric operation of the system, access to electronic equipment and rectifier equipment in the system etc. Non-standard sine waves must contain high-order harmonics, while the content of high-order harmonics should be very small.


Our company possesses products with various functions of power quality problem prevention and control to cooperate with the power grid, which greatly reduces the imbalance of the power grid and plays a vital role in the more efficient operation on the power grid.