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Improve the stability of medical facilities

The medical facility is developing toward more intelligence, quality control and remote maintenance. For example, nuclear magnetic resonance imaging equipment, intensive care unit, high-frequency scalpel, ECG machine, spiral CT machine, endoscope influence system and other equipment, the advanced medical devices as such have a large number of precision electronic devices with high requirements for the power supply quality.

Influence of Harmonics on Precision Equipment

Operation Room

High frequency scalpel, defibrillator, electrocardiograph and other equipment are commonly used in the operating room. When the harmonic content in the power supply system is high, the harmonic will make the operation of high-frequency scalpel unstable, affecting the operation of defibrillator and changing the output data of ECG.

Radiotherapy Department

If the mobile radiation dose measurement systems in the radiotherapy department, such as rate meter and calibration room, receive the interference of high-order harmonics, their embedded electronic components are likely to record noise and change the data output.

Medical Imaging Room

Medical imaging room γ counter and mobile X-ray machine are easy to receive the interference of high-order harmonic, resulting in unclear output image or data change.

Hospital Information Network System

The features of medical treatment determine that the information network must operate continuously for 24 hours. The high-order harmonic pollution makes the intelligent equipment produce error code and mis-operation. The high-order harmonic will also make the equipment appear operation error, data error, crash and other phenomena in the operation process and even paralyze the whole network.


Our EAPF active filter module of our company adopts imported IGBT produced by Infineon, with switching frequency up to 20kHz, and cooperates with Hall transformer of LEM manufacturer and Ti chip. High quality hardware conditions can ensure the device captures the system harmonic waveform in one cycle and simulate the control harmonic injection system. The software architecture adopts the current three-level architecture, which can effectively filter out 2 ~ 50th harmonics.


Customer Benefit 

After treated by EAPF active filter module, all kinds of precision instruments in hospital can run in a good power grid, leading to the better treatment effect and efficiency.