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Consolidate Energy Foundation 

As the world is entering digital economy era, data flow has propelled the increase of the data center quantity. Data centers are established to provide reliable data flow for social development. Meanwhile they have become large power consumers. It is a challenge to balance the pros and cons of the data centers.


Electricity Load Analysis 

The server

Servers in the data center are large power loads. Now most servers use HVDC module for power supply. The extensive use of HVDC will bring harmonic and power factor problems to the power grid. HVDC is a rectifier equipment, which will produce 5% ~ 8% harmonic distortion rate in the process of use, affecting the power grid current. In addition, during the use of HVDC, the load becomes capacitive and will transmit capacitive reactive power to the power grid, which is easy to over compensate capacitive reactive power, so as to raise the system voltage and affect the normal operation of electrical equipment.


There is a high requirement on power supply reliability of the data center, and so a number of UPS loads are applied in the data center to prevent data loss resulting from power failure. The use of UPS brings to the power grid a lot of power quality problems determined by the load utilization rate. The following table describes the power quality problems caused by UPS under different load rates

Load rateHarmonic problemPower factor problem
On light loadTHDi=173.4%~208.5%

 Load compatibility, about 3%~10%

Transfer capacitive reactive power to power network

At 10% loadTHDi=15%~20%At reactive power critical point
At 30% loadTHDi=5%~8%

Fluorescent lighting

Fluorescent lamp as a high-quality lighting device is more and more widely used in order save the energy. However, its use has also brought the power quality problems. Fluorescent lighting equipment uses an electronic ballast, a high frequency inverter. Therefore, a large amount of harmonic current will be generated during the use of the equipment, and the harmonic distortion rate is 35%~45%.

Frequency conversion air conditioning and water pump

The data center also uses a large number of frequency conversion air conditioners and pumps, which use a large number of frequency converters, which are more serious sources of harmonics, with harmonic distortion rate up to 18% at work.

Harm of harmonics

Instantaneous effectLong term impact

·Harmonics can interfere with controllers used in electrical systems and cause thyristors

The tube switch is reversed, which is caused by the zero drift of the voltage.

·Harmonics can cause resonance and generate noise in electrical equipment

(AC motor, transformer, reactor, etc.).

·Harmonics will reduce the system capacity threshold.

·Harmonics can cause overheating or engine instability. ·Capacitor overheating and degradation (capacity reduction).

·Temperature rise caused by harmonic loss of transformer.

·Temperature rise of bus, cable and equipment.

·Temperature rise will cause loss of motor and engine.

·Action of temperature control equipment (circuit breaker and temperature sensor in fuse).


Our LVSVG dynamic reactive power compensation device can be optionally equipped with harmonic control function. It can not only dynamically compensate power factor, forward compensation reactive power and reverse compensation reactive power, but also filter out the 2nd ~ 11th harmonics in the system.


Customer Benefit

`Prevent power factor from raising the system voltage which leads to impact on the electrical equipment.

The treatment of harmonic problems leads to increasing the service life and reliability of UPS, generat