• Power Grid

    Electric energy is the main driving force of all sectors of the national economy. With the progress of science and technology and the gradual improvement of people's living standards, the types of household appliances are increasing, and the domestic power consumption is increasing day by day. The shortage of electric energy supply or sudden failure will cause huge losses to all departments of the national economy and bring great inconvenience to people's life.

    Our company has products with various functions of power quality problem prevention and control to cooperate with the power grid, which greatly reduces the imbalance of the power grid and plays a vital role in the more efficient operation of the power grid.

  • Oil & Gas Solution

    The prominent features of large petrochemical enterprises are that they have many installations, complex process and production process, close material connection between installations, high temperature, high pressure, flammable, explosive, toxic and harmful substances.

    Our company intelligently analyses the characteristics of the power network of the petrochemical enterprise, and finds out the problems and hidden dangers. Therefore, in the process of transformation, expansion or new construction, how to optimize the construction of the power system, with the minimum investment, to meet the requirements of production devices for safe power supply, is of great significance.

  • Data Center Solution

    With the development of the digital economy, a large amount of the data flow brings about the vigorous needs for data centers.  

    While many a data center provide reliable data flow for the society, they also become an emerging heavy power consumer. It not only facilitates the social and technological development, but also brings many power quality problems.

  • Renewable Energy Solution

    Electric power is an important material basis for human survival and development, and an indispensable basic condition for the development of modern society. On the basis of continuously strengthening the development of traditional energy resources and infrastructure construction, the State pays more attention to the development quality and efficiency of new energy such as wind power, photovoltaic power, hydroelectric power, etc.

    Our HVSVG series high voltage dynamic reactive power compensation device can effectively increase the transmission capacity of new energy power stations and improve the system stability.

  • Airport Solution

    In recent years, with the rapid development of China's civil aviation industry, more and more large airports have been built. Large airports have the characteristics of wide area, high energy consumption and scattered distribution, which makes it difficult to patrol, high operation and maintenance costs, and difficult to inspect failures.

    Our Intelligent Energy Management System uses the advanced information technology and intelligent technology to match and control the functions and uses of the airport energy system, so as to improve the safety, control and management level of the airport energy system and reduce the operating cost of the airport energy system.

  • Medical Support Solution

    With the progress of medical conditions, there is a trend towards intellectualization, quality control and remote maintenance of medical devices. For example, magnetic resonance imaging equipment, intensive care unit, high-frequency surgical scalpel, electrocardiogram, spiral CT machine, endoscope impact system and other equipment. These advanced medical devices are equipped with a large number of precision electronic devices, which require high power quality for power supply.

    Our EAPF series active filter module can perfectly solve the harmonic problem in the hospital. After treatment, all kinds of precision instruments in the hospital can run in a good power network, effectively improving the therapeutic effect and efficiency of the hospital.