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Renewable Energy Solution

Building Sustainable Energy System

At present, the mainstream power generation is thermal power generation. In order to cut down the carbon emission, the renewable energy such as wind, photovoltaic and hydraulic conservancy power generation must be deloyed.

Traditional Thermal Power Generation


Thermal power generation is a traditional way of power generation. Although power generation consumes a lot of non-renewable resources and brings serious pollution problems, the low construction cost and stable power output make thermal power generation indispensable. Our company contributes to creating stable and safe operation environment to the thermal power plant users, and help them to improve power generation efficiency and reduce energy consumption.

Renewable Energy


Wind: the area of wind farm is large and the distribution of each fan is scattered. 

Photovoltaic: photovoltaic power generation requires a large number of photovoltaic panels, so the area of photovoltaic power plant is also relatively large.

iEnergy-S2000 smart energy management system can connect the power generation equipment (fan / photovoltaic panel) to the system to monitor the operation status, power generation capacity and power generation efficiency of each equipment, which is conducive to the centralized management by the customers. In case of abnormality, the system can signal. In case of failure, the system will automatically produce work orders, and describe the failure situation and location in detail, so as to facilitate customers to troubleshoot and thus shorten the failure time.

New energy power generation has great limitations. For example, wind power generation is affected by the wind period while photovoltaic power plant is affected by the sun. Therefore, the power generated cannot meet the requirements of the power supply company, and consequently it cannot be directly connected to the grid for power generation. Our HVSVG series dynamic reactive power compensation products can perfectly solve it.