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iEnergy-S2000 Smart Energy Consumption Management System

Electric power is the source of power for enterprises to survive, but in power management, enterprises are facing a lot of difficulties and challenges: including the unpredictability of power supply, sudden power outages, fluctuating power prices, increasing power availability and reliability, and constantly optimizing the pressure of operating costs. IEnergy-S2000 helps you deploy an innovative solution that surpasses traditional power management systems, helps you monitor power systems in person, improves power availability and reliability, and helps you discover opportunities for energy efficiency, improves operational efficiency, and effectively saves costs and operating costs. The iEnergy-S2000 system has rich experience in the fields of power, petrochemical, petroleum and natural gas, metallurgy, pharmaceuticals, cement industry, microelectronics, chemistry, mining, food and beverage, and large-scale buildings such as hospitals, hotels, airports and commerce.