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IC2000-M Industrial Ethernet Switche

IC2000-M-E Industrial Ethernet switch is a high-performance industrial switching device that can adapt to various complex industrial environment and adverse weather conditions. This series of products is developed with industrial chips from Brodcom and IBM chips manufacturers. It has a variety of specifications combined with embedded operating system and can meet the real-time data exchange needs of different customers. This product uses gold plating on the surface of the main board, which greatly enhances the conductivity and improves the reliability of the product. The configuration design concept breaks through the single whole modular thinking in the market, and uses the semi-fixed design with flexible configuration of the motherboard and interface board, which effectively reduces the failures in the hardware design link and improves the life of the product. The device can be used to build a Gigabit Fast Ethernet backbone network and a redundant ring network. The device is widely used in power intelligent substation networking, new energy, traffic control and video monitoring system, network communication of various industrial automation systems, etc.